Country Blooms Guest Barn and Hunting Lodge
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Call (641) 745-4486 for reservations

Accommodations for up to 8 hunters (4 minimum)

Full kitchen with breakfast menu items

Excellent pheasant hunting and deer hunting acres provided

Over 1000 acres including crop and row crop acres

Dog accommodations provided

We are located in Adair County, Iowa's leading pheasant county!

Country Blooms Landscaping
Photos coming soon!
Call (641) 745-4486 for landscaping info.

Country Blooms, Inc.
1875 Fontanelle Road
Fontanelle, IA 50846
Phone: (641) 745-4486

If you're looking for some of the best deer hunting and pheasant hunting in the entire USA, look no further than Country Blooms Guest Barn and Hunting Lodge. We've got accommodations for up to eight hunters at a time (4 minimum) in a converted country barn with tons of room and lots of great amenities. There's a full kitchen stocked with breakfast menu items. Microwave, sink, refrigerator/freezer, cupboard space...anything you'd need is right there. We even have accommodations for your dogs, too!

But we know you're here to hunt pheasant and deer, and we have some of the best hunting acres around. Over 1,000 acres including CPR and row crop acres, much of it with shoulder-high grass to attract tons of game birds. Pheasant hunting and deer hunting are much more fun when there's actually game to shoot at! We think you'll be back year after year.

We're located in Adair County, Iowa's leading pheasant county. And Country Blooms is stocked with one other thing you'll find appealing...NICE PEOPLE! We're here to help make your experience the best, so be sure to call 641-745-4486 for rates and reservations information. We'll see you at Country Blooms Guest Barn and Hunting Lodge!


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